Monday, November 15, 2010

EYE FOR ART Juried Exhibit 2010,
Thames Art Gallery

(had a great position for "Carnival"-first painting right by the door)

It's been awhile! Busy time for me but I thought I'd better post some pics of my latest foray into exhibiting, "Eye for Art" at the Thames Art Gallery in Chatham, ON. It's a juried-in exhibition and I was very happy to get two paintings chosen. There were 61 pieces picked and I was disappointed to see that very few sold-fortunately I did sell one so far and am crossing my fingers on the other (the show runs until Dec. 1 so if anyone is in the area, check it out!)

Here are a few pics-I wasn't able to get to the opening as I had a severe cold/flu and as I stay with my sister in Chatham I didn't want to give the bug to her. She is off on missionary work for two months to Africa in Dec. so giving her any kind of an illness would be tragic!

(upstairs was my landscape, "Into Algonquin" which sold first night)

(love that little red "SOLD" dot to the left!)

(My large piece, "The Carnival" had someone entranced-funny how art is so different for everyone! Here is the quote from an article about the show...... "Tracy Root’s The Carnival had one aficionado fascinated by what he decided were her references to Picasso and Reubens." From